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Jazz Grooves Vol.1 (Digital Download)

Jazz Grooves Vol.1 (Digital Download)

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Jazz Grooves is collection of 26 smooth funky tracks perfect for those chilled out jams ar home. In this pack you'll find many original jamm tracks covering different tempos, keys and feels plus some well known soul and smooth jazz classic. Full track list below

70's Deep Funk Groove (C, 100 bpm)

A minor Groove (87 bpm)

Affirmation (Bb minor, 105 bpm)

Blue Bossa (C minor, 147)

Blue in Green (D minor, 65 bpm)

Bluesy Power Ballad (D minor, 112 bpm)

Crusin' Laid Back Groove (C Minor, 75 bpm)

Easy Groove (E Minor ,94 bpm))

Feel Like Making Love (Eb Major, 85 bpm)

Gentle Persuasion (Bb Minor, 83 bpm)

 Gospel Neo Soul Vibe (C# Minor, 76 bpm)

Hendrix Style Jam (A Major, 73 bpm)

It's On (Ab Major/F Minor, 94 bpm)

JB Style Funk (C Minor, 115 bpm)

Liquid Soul (C Minor, 93 bpm)

LoFi Jam (A Minor, 85 bpm)

Marcus Miller Style Groove (E Minor, 99 bpm)

Night Groove (D Minor, 84 bpm)

Peaceful LoFi Jam (D Major, 80 bpm)

RnB Jazz Vibe (A Minor, 84 bpm)

RnB Sweet Acoustic Vibe (A Minor, 88 bpm)

Soulful Organ Minor Blues (G minor, 86 bpm)

Summer Groove (C Minor, 85 bpm)

Sunny (A Minor, 108 bpm)

What's Going On (E Major, 94 bpm)

Winelight (C Minor, 98 bpm)

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